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Our Story

MarioCube started when someone by the name of AwesomeMarioFan made his own personal site. It eventually had a small repository of files that he wanted to share with others.

Eventually, someone by the name of Larsenv started emailing him (because of a post he made on the popular gaming forum GBAtemp about bringing back WiiConnect24, which became RiiConnect24, but that's another story) and wanted to help preserve some things.

AMF later gave Larsenv FTP access to his site and he started uploading a lot of stuff. Eventually, AMF's domain expired so he registered a site, and he and Larsenv decided on naming it MarioCube. The site later had some web-based "replacements" for Wii Channels made by Larsenv.

Meanwhile, the repository continued to grow and grow with more rare and interesting files that they both wanted people to find. The repository got so big that the server we were using was starting to run out of space.

Around that time, AMF was running out of funds to keep MarioCube running, and the domain it was using (mariocube.com) expired. We both decided to host MarioCube on Google Drive, it worked out flawlessly.

We got this domain (mariocube.xyz) and started telling people about it by word of mouth. The site is intended to be a preservation site (and a goldmine to some Wii/GC enthusiasts). We hope you enjoy browsing our repository! If you do, feel free to tell your friends about it!

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AwesomeMarioFan is a computer science student who enjoys playing & modding Nintendo consoles.